Our Programs

STEM Program

Our goal is to develop a lifelong interest in Stem through exposing the next generation to the amazing world of stem (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through interactive and fun projects.

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Art Program

Our goal is to develop creative minds that will use the creativity they learn in our sessions and apply it to everything they do.

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Finance & Entrepreneurship

This program teaches financial literacy and entrepreneurship through activities. These e lessons will serve our young participants throughout their life times, while also nurturing an entrepreneurship mindset through project based and problem based learning.

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Language & Literature

We give our next generation the opportunity to learn new languages, not only western ones but also native african languages like Swahili, we use literature to foster critical thinking and give our young leaders the communication skills they need to prevail in this world.

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It is increasingly important to prepare our youth to become not only a good leaders but also good and compassionate citizens.

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Community Work

This program aims at helping our youth understand the world they intend to lead and create for. Through charity work and community projects, the students will get to form bonds with the local community and create solutions for them.

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Mentorship and Career Guidance

We hope to provide our young minds with the right mentors and role models who they can look up to and who they can learn from. Our career guidance program will allow the students to interact with professionals in their workplace and learn more about what it takes to have a successful career.